Initial Consult Assessment – Solo 75 minutes
Your first time at the studio

Your first time at the studio is a one-on-one introduction session. We’ll discuss your goals and assess your posture. We will outline how core stability can work for you, with toning, strengthening and adjusting your posture. Your program will address the rehabilitation of old and new injuries. We’ll do some strength testing, introductory exercises and then design a program to suit you that can be adjusted as you progress. If you wish you may do more one-on-one sessions before attending a small group session.

Small Group Equipment Class – 60 minutes (maximum 4 people)

In a Small Group Equipment session you’ll be working on the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and mats or flat beds doing your INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED EXERCISE AND STRETCH PROGRAM that suits your particular needs, strength and fitness. It’s a friendly non-competitive exercise environment with as much challenge as you desire! Gentle, moderate, strenuous – just ask! Your instructor will help you attain best results with each exercise. Bookings essential.

Reformer Equipment Cardio Rhythmic Class

Cardio-Rhythmic Challenge on Reformer plus other equipment 50 min
Work to the maximum of your ability with an exciting set of Reformer exercises with our expert guidance. We will keep you moving, breathing hard, working up a sweat, while focusing on the core. Some experience on Pilates equipment is advisable. If you are brand new to Pilates on equipment call us to discuss if it’s a good idea for you to do a 45 min solo introduction session.

Pregnancy and Post Natal clients

We pay special attention to the exercise needs, health and comfort of pregnant women and mothers. Our Pre-Natal and Post partum program training with Carolyn Anthony (Center for Women’s Fitness, USA) allows us to confidently respond to women fitness and health needs throughout pregnancy and post natal stages, offering safe and sensitive exercise options. You will be working in the Small Group Pilates class on the Mat, Balls, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair doing an individually designed program suited to your strength and fitness.Your GP or Obstetrician will need to approve if you’ve not previously attended classes with us prior to your pregnancy.
 We work gently to keep you toned and supple during your pregnancy and prepared for the birth of your baby and then Pilates can help you get back into good physical form after the birth when you feel you are ready. Bookings essential.

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