What is your CORE FITNESS?

We all have (to varying degrees ;-) a functional muscular corset. It’s made up of deep POSTURAL muscles in the abdomen, spine and pelvis. These muscles are there to support our posture and keep us stable when moving in daily activities of life.
Transverse Abdominus looks the most like a corset around your middle, the Pelvic Floor is like a flexible bowl or platform supporting your organs at the bottom of your trunk, the deep spinal Miltifidi run along the back of the spine at the deepest level and the Daiphram, is of course your breathing muscle sitting high up under your ribcage, supporting and breathing your lungs and influencing the activation of your other core-set muscles. Regular activation of these deep muscles will improve your balance, strength, ease of breathing and fluidity of movement. You will develop a ‘core-set’ and gain core stability. You will notice your bodies natural healing capacity enhanced. Many pain related issues will decrease over time or disappear completely.

Left and centre: (red) The deepest ‘corset’ like muscle Transverse Abdominus               Right: Internal (purple) External (red) Oblique muscles, the second and third layers of  ’corset’ like muscle that help to create pelvic and spinal stability

Train the ‘CORE’ to improve your strength and flexibility;

  • Improve your golf, running, cycling, tennis, hopscotch!
  • Prepare for surgery and heal more quickly after surgery – hip & knee, rotator cuff surgery
  • Get rid of back pain as well as shoulder and neck stiffness!
  • Start a  program to prevent pregnancy related issues such as diastasis recti, pelvic instability, sacroiliac joint (SIJ) instability
  • Exercise safely with osteoporosis and osteopina
  • Realign to correct tracking issues in knees, hips, pain and rehab hamstring injuries, ankle and foot injuries
  • Pelvic floor conditions will respond to careful training with Waverley Pilates instructors
  • Exercise comfortably with chronic conditions such as asthma, fibromyalgia

Strengthen, Rehabilitate and Invigorate!

You will also find that you are able to reduce the effects of stress, increase energy, improve circulation, and mobilise joints. Enjoy our studio environment where the FOCUS is just on you!

Specialized Equipment and Instructors

The Reformer, Cadillac or Trapeze Table and Wunda Chair are spring loaded and use resistance to;

  • Develop coordination and core strength
  • Increase muscle growth after injury
  • Re-balance the muscle system
  • Align the joints of the body
  • Promote bone density
  • Pilates equipment supports highly effective low impact movement
  • Allowing variable spring loading depending on strength of client

With lying, sitting, kneeling and standing variations possible, we have hundreds of exercises that will keep you engaged and having fun!

Our teachers are experienced Pilates equipment and Matwork instructors who have worked in movement education for many years.


The Pilates system was built by Joseph Pilates early last century on his study of Yoga, Martial Arts, Meditation, Ancient Greek and Roman exercise practices. He initially rehabilitated fellows injured in war then worked with dancers and acrobats and later with athletes and general public. His reputation as a physical trainer/healer inspired many talented followers to further develop his system. We now have a wonderful way to safely condition the whole body and develop ‘core stability’ programs for particular individuals in small group settings.


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