Thank you Waverley Pilates for helping me become pain free and to feel great.
I had a frozen shoulder which was still a problem after 3 years of physio. It caused me constant pain and I was miserable. After 3 months of classes at Waverley Pilates I completely stopped taking pain relief, and after 6 months I was pain free and very happy.

The gentle personalised care received by Waverly Pilates instructors has helped me improve my overall fitness and wellbeing, and allowed me to return to my very busy life, pain free.

But best of all, I love coming to class.

Julie Meaker

“After suffering from chronic back pain for many years, I was advised by my GP to start a program to improve my core strength. After several months of searching I found Lindy and the Waverley Pilates Centre, the difference these classes have made to my everyday life has been incredible.

Great care is taken by Lindy and the team in creating a program that suits your particular needs; the classes are small and personalized so you get the appropriate amount of attention . Not only do I attend Pilates class once a week I also see Sarah for Myotherapy sessions. A year on and I am able to move freely, I am fit as I am able to exercise more, my posture has improved greatly and as an added bonus I have lost 12 kg.

Thank-you Lindy, Pia and Sarah for giving me my life back, not only has my physical health improved but so has my confidence”.

Helen F.

“I am a nurse with a chronic low back injury and I am happy to say that since starting with Waverley Pilates over two years ago my back pain has improved so much that I have not needed to see my physiotherapist in two years! I look forward to my weekly class with Lindy and her team”.


“I had suffered chronic pain from injuries to my back and elbows and I came to Waverley Pilates to see Lindy on recommendation from a friend. Lindy’s expertise in having a complete knowledge of muscle function enabled her to put together a program that was specific for my needs. This was absolutely essential for my rehabilitation rather than attending a ‘generic’ class elsewhere. Without doubt Lindy’s kind and nurturing approach has helped me overcome many difficulties in carrying out daily tasks. Varying the program over time and using different equipment keeps the class interesting and challenging also. Without Waverley Pilates I am sure I would not have regained the strength I have today.

Complementing my Pilates classes has been Sarah Hall’s Myotherapy. Myotherapy has been wonderful in relieving my sore, stiff shoulders. Sarah is also very mindful and sympathetic of my individual concerns and is very adept at listening to ensure she focusses on the areas that need work. She is able to communicate with Lindy as required about my program in order to maximise my progress”.


Having tried various ways to improve chronic back pain that I had experienced over many years, including osteopathy, I approached the idea of starting pilates with a degree of cynicism. However I was proved wrong when after 4 months of Lindy’s carefully arranged progam, I began to notice that my back and accompanying pain had decreased. I have been going to Lindy’s classes for over 2 years now and my back pain has improved and as well, I am now back to walking very comfortably. Lindy, Sarah and Pia are kind and considerate teachers and I know that I will be attending their classes at Waverley Pilates for many more years!

Terry Ashton

Waverley Pilates has improved my life style and fitness and improved my golf
I am stronger, more flexible,  feel much healthier and have lost weight
The program is tailored just for me and suits my age and body.
I recommend it to all blokes,   especially to golfers


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