Waverley Pilates Live Studio Sessions and    Online Sessions

Hi there! Reserve an ONLINE class or make an appointment. The ‘Book Online’ button will take you to our live schedule, class availability and appointment reservations. 

When we return to Studio sessions Coronavirus protocols are in place to make our equipment and environment safe for exercising and working, including hand sanatizing at the door and equipment sanatizing. If you’re not well, stay home, keep warm and get tested as soon as possible. You won’t be charged for a class cancellation as long as you let us know. Please try to inform us as soon as possible so others waiting can fill your place.
People with any of the following symptoms should not come to the studio:

  • fever
  • coughing
  • sore throat
  • shortness of breath
  • Social distancing 1.5 metres at all times
  • Equipment placement allows for social distancing with maximum 3 clients per session.
  • ENTER STUDIO via REAR LANEWAY off Windsor Ave and Malcolm Crt.
  • Parking available Grenfell Rd, Windsor Ave, Train Station Carpark, Malcolm Crt.
  • Bring large clean towel to place on equipment. Ensure towels have been hot washed (60`C+ is best for safely killing virus).
  • Please bring a zip up or sealable bag in which to place your shoes, coat and belongings.
  • All touchable surfaces within the studio will be cleaned frequently.
  • Hand sanitizer is at the door and around the studio for interval use.
  • Hand washing before sessions and at intervals encouraged in the studio.
  • Let us know if you need or prefer ONLINE classes.


Go to > Contact Us page for email
or call Lindy 0402 666 056 for an Initial consult,
Studio Small Group sessions and Online sessions.

NEW CLIENTS – Initial Consults can be Online while we are unable to come into the studio.

EXERCISING at Waverley Pilates

We focus on your CORE stability muscles. These muscles are activated more effectively when you slow down a bit, correct breathing and alignment techniques and challenge your balance. Your GLOBAL movement muscles need to take a back seat while you wake up your CORE  muscles then they can all work in balance. We can help you overcome stiffness, soreness, weakness and find more flexibility, mobility and efficiency in your movement habits. Head to toe workouts with a focus on any area of the body you need or want.

PREGNANCY at Waverley Pilates

Safely exercise before and after your baby. Improve pelvic stability through Pilates individual tuition and small group classes. We take great care of you. We look after you and your pelvic floorshoulders, neck and postural issues associated with weight redistribution and the balance changes that occur in your body as baby grows. You can reduce the likelihood or severity of  diastasis recti and improve your outcomes with other conditions associated with pregnancy and birth.


We design exercise for individuals with medical conditions, upcoming surgery and rehabilitation after surgery or injury, covering many areas of the body including hip, knee, shoulder, spine.

Our EXPERIENCED INSTRUCTORS engage with you to find fitness challenges that suit your particular body and fitness condition for STRENGTH, BALANCE, CONTROL and therapeutic solutions to help RESOLVE PAIN.

In your first session you’ll understand how your CORE muscles work. We will assess your posture and strength and discuss your goals.

Click Zoom here if you want to down load the Zoom App onto your laptop or iPad in advance of doing an ONLINE class with us. Otherwise call or book online into classes and we will send you an email invite where you can click the link to load Zoom.

For your Zoom Pilates Class Set up your space with a Mat or carpeted area, without distractions for 1 hour. Have a Towel, Pillow, Chair or stool nearby to use as well as any Pilates props such as Theraband, Foam Roller, Spiky ball you have at home to use.

CORE muscles make a difference from day one.
With as few as one or two sessions a week you’ll experience an improvement in your well being and physical capacity.

Do you sit at a computer or drive for a major part of your day?
Do you have a recent injury or long term history of pain or discomfort?
Do you need to rediscover your smile that has gone into hiding due to persistent pain?
Do you feel excited about lifting your level of fitness, improving your game?
We can help.

 Our STUDIO Pilates equipment in Mt Waverley includes;
  • 2 Cadillacs/Trapeze beds
  • 2 Reformers
  • 2 Wunder Chairs
  • Rollers, Fit Balls, Chi Balls, Therabands and Loops
  • Full range of small pieces of equipment

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