After returning from marvellous Tassy we’re now ready to welcome new folk.

Thinking about Pilates in the New Year? We currently have spaces available in some sessions.

We specialise in strength building for lifelong wellbeing, cores and floors, rehab for injuries, therapeutic movement for pain. Individually tailored exercise on traditional Pilates equipment.

Don’t let the sun set on that thought!
Call Lindy 0402 666 056

EMAIL to book your initial consult or go to our Book Online page where you’ll find our class and initial consult schedule. Or simply call Lindy on 0402 666 056

If you move DAILY you’ll feel a difference! Even just a little bit is good. Start off your day with a walk or 5-10 minutes moving and stretching. See what happens.

Be inspired by working with experienced and friendly instructors to help build your strength and flexibility. We work the whole of you, with your muscles, fascia, skeletal system, circulatory system, breathing, organs, stimulating your immune system.

At the Studio we use Reformers, Cadillacs, Wunda Chairs,  props and smaller pieces of equipment to help you discover the most satisfying workout from individually tailored exercises and programs. 

include cleaning all equipment
after every use.
We have good air movement  and ventilation
in studio ensuring the environment and equipment are safe for all to use. 



REFORMER is great for strengthening  buttocks, legs, abdominals, arms, shoulders, back, feet, ankles, giving a fabulous workout to deep CORE and muscular slings.







RELEASING with upper back spirals can undo the tyranny of shoulder pain, computer posture and tension patterns that can travel all the way through to head, neck, arms and shoulders and often down to the lower back as well. 

Please seek advice if this is appropriate for you *the twist demonstrated may not be appropriate if you have Osteoporosis or another spinal condition associated with low back pain. Allow us to guide you. 

STRENGTHEN those upper back and shoulder muscles to improve your posture with seated and kneeling REFORMER work. Forward, back and side facing exercises with modulated spring loads allows also for the rehabilitation of rotator cuff and other shoulder injuries.  BOOK NOW 

Safely exercise before and after the arrival of your baby to improve general health and ease of  delivery. We are qualified and experienced to assist with pelvic stability exercises, safe overall fitness and strength, pelvic floor concerns, diastasis recti (abdominal separation), groin and low back pain, posture, breathing and relaxation.



If you are sitting a lot or working at a computer, feeling tired, sore and stiff;

If you want to lift your fitness, enhance wellbeing or improve your game;
If you have an injury or need rehab after surgery;

Movement is  the ‘new medicine’.
Guided sessions with a qualified professional will make a huge difference from day one. Let us help you re-find your smile, especially if it’s been hiding due to persistent pain.

If you haven’t been moving much at all THE TRUTH IS any kind of moving, getting outside and walking, doing weights, Pilates, Yoga, anything that suits your body makes a remarkable difference to immediate and long term health as well as feelings of well being.

2 Cadillacs (otherwise known as Trapeze beds with roll-down and push-through bars)

2 Reformers
2 Wunder Chairs
Many Rollers, Fit Balls, Chi Balls, Therabands, Magic Circles and Loops
Smaller equipment including Spine Corrector, Arc Barrel

If you are unwell, with cough or cold symptoms, inform us immediately  and please don’t come to class. You won’t be charged for a class cancellation as long as you let us know.


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