Achieve your rehabilitation and fitness goals with friendly,  specialised staff in a calm and nurturing environment.

March 2020 Online sessions in Small Groups or 1-1’s.

Dear clients,
Many of you will already know that the Studio closed last Friday 20th March due to the current health risk. We hope you are all keeping safe and well.
Thank you for your words of support during recent times at the studio as we approached this upcoming and unforeseeable wave of change together.

Please keep in contact and let us know how you are managing to stay sane, keeping fit, having fun, managing your time and getting some Vit D walking in the sunshine.
These simple things will make a big difference to your immune system. Exercise every day if you possibly can.
Get in contact if you want more ideas and look out for our online classes.

Pilates and immunity:
Joseph Pilates renown comes in part from the fact that a group of interns he worked with during the First World War seemed to have much much greater immunity than the general population during the time of the Spanish Influenza, 1918.

As promised we will be offering online sessions in groups or with 1-1’s.

Initially though we are going to take a small break so we can settle and see which way things are going. We have all had a lot of change to accomodate.
So please be gentle on yourselves. Have rest and quiet times where you can. Walk in the sun when you can. Vit D is particularly good for protecting against respiratory infections
and 15 minutes of sun on your skin is many many times more powerful than supplements.

Please contact me on
Our other emails are out of action just at the moment!

Kindest regards Lindy Jenny Leigh Gabby from Waverley Pilates

Providing general AND elite fitness we focus on CORE stability, POSTURE correction, head to toe STRENGTH and ALIGNMENT.

We specialise in pre/post natal conditions such as diastasis recti, pelvic floor and pelvic instability, pre/ post surgery rehabilitation and conditions of the hip, knee, shoulder, spine. Our experienced instructors engage with you to find fitness challenges for STRENGTH, BALANCE, CONTROL and therapeutic solutions for the RESOLUTION of PAIN.

In your first session you will understand how your CORE muscles work. We will assess your posture and strength and discuss your goals.

CORE muscles make a difference from day one.
With as few as one or two sessions a week you’ll experience an improvement in your well being and physical capacity.

Do you sit at a computer or drive for a major part of your day?
Do you have a recent injury or long term history of pain or discomfort?
Do you need to rediscover your smile that has gone into hiding due to persistent pain?
Do you feel excited about lifting your level of fitness, improving your game?
We can help.

Discover core strength, healing capacity, ease of movement.
Work to your goals in our small groups of up to four people or book a solo session.
If you have concerns regarding your injury please call to discuss and read our testimonials.

We specialise in;

  • pre and postnatal exercise
  • hip
  • knee
  • shoulder
  • conditions of the spine and low back pain
  • balance enhancement programs for all
Everyone welcome, no matter what level of fitness, Pilates is fun! 

Our range of Pilates equipment includes;

  • 2 Cadillacs/Trapeze beds
  • 3 Reformers
  • 2 Wunder Chairs
  • Many Rollers, Fit Balls, Chi Balls, Therabands and Loops
  • Full range of small pieces of equipment

The Myotherapy Clinic

In 2010 we joined forces with Sarah Hall and the team at Waverley Myotherapy Clinic. Together we offer a comprehensive approach with CORRECTIVE PILATES,  ELITE TRAINING and WHOLE BODY HEALTH!

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