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COVID SAFE PLAN ensuring equipment and environment are safe for all.
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ZOOM PILATES CLASS link will be emailed to you. You’ll need a quiet area and a Mat (or carpet), towel, a couple of pillows and a chair can be used as props. Pilates props such as Theraband, Foam Roller, Spiky ball are helpful but not essential.

EXERCISE with a focus on good technique for GLOBAL and CORE strength, correct breathing, alignment and balance. Overcome stiffness, soreness and weakness. Increase flexibility and improve posture. You’ll get a full head to toe workout with focus on any area of the body that requires attention or rehabilitation.

Safely exercise before and after your baby arrives to improve general health and delivery. Our qualified and experienced Instructors can assist you with pelvic stability, safe exercise for overall fitness and strength, pelvic floor concerns, diastasis recti (abdominal separation), groin or low back pain, postural issues, breathing control and relaxation.

will find fitness challenges to suit your  STRENGTH, BALANCE, CONTROL and skill level and therapeutic movement solutions designed to help RESOLVE PAIN.

If you sit at a computer or drive for a major part of your day;
If you’ve had a recent injury, a surgery (or are are planning to have surgery);
If you need to rediscover your smile that’s gone into hiding due to persistent pain;
If you feel excited about lifting your fitness level and improving your game;
And you want to do this in a safe way with experienced and well educated instructors;

We can help

Movement is considered the new medicine. Taught correctly one or two sessions a week makes a remarkable difference to well being from day one.


  • 2 Cadillacs otherwise known as Trapeze beds
  • 2 Reformers
  • 2 Wunder Chairs
  • Many Rollers, Fit Balls, Chi Balls, Therabands and Loops
  • Smaller equipment including Spine Corrector, Arc Barrel

If you are unwell, with cough or cold symptoms, inform us immediately, isolate at home, get tested as soon as possible and go online if you wish to do your classes for the isolation period. You won’t be charged for a class cancellation as long as you let us know.


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