Initial Consultation

Your first session is Solo at the Studio or Online. We will discuss goals, assess your muscle balance, discuss posture and do some testing to learn how core stability can work for you. We will address rehabilitation for old and new injuries. Then we’ll design a specially tailored program just for you.


Online or in Studio, imagine a solo session using Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda Chair  to execute your tailored program with 2 others in the group. The Instructor guides each person individually with careful attention to detail.

Large group Pilates ONLINE

Join an Online Class for a head to toe workout flowing through sequences that bring about flexibility of spine, strong abdominals, leg and arm;- strength, coordination and balance.

Pregnancy and Post Natal Program Benefits

  • Easier pregnancy and birth
  • Faster recovery of your figure and all aspects of well being
  • Release of pregnancy related discomfort
  • Pelvic floor conditioning
  • Reassurance and support with your program tailored to your changing needs throughout each trimester

We pay special attention to the exercise needs, health and comfort of pregnant women and mothers. Our training allows us to confidently respond to women fitness and health needs throughout pregnancy and during post natal stages, offering safe and sensitive exercise options.

You will be doing an individually designed program suited to your trimester, strength and fitness. Your GP or Obstetrician will need to approve your participation if you’ve not previously attended classes with us prior to your pregnancy.

We work gently to keep you toned and supple during your pregnancy and prepared for the birth of your baby. Returning to Pilates after the birth will then help you regain your strength, fitness, figure and confidence.
Certification with Carolyn Anthony – Center for Women’s Fitness, USA

Low Back Pain Program Benefits

Persistent and intermittent pain hinders daily activities. Bending, sitting, lifting, gardening , sleeping or standing for extended periods may be restricted because of your back pain. Pain sometimes refers to your hip, leg or even down to your foot.

At Waverley Pilates we will work with you to strengthen your low back and the deep abdominal muscles, (the CORE). Research has shown that working with these muscles a little as once a week assists in healing and alleviating pain.

Hip Pain Program Benefits

Misalignment of the spine and instability of the pelvis have a role in buttock, groin and hip joint pain. This can range from annoying to disabling pain when sitting, or driving for long periods, standing, sleeping, walking, sport and leisure activities and pregnancy.

We teach you in-studio and at-home techniques for releasing your tight hip muscles that may be constricting the joint and causing dysfunction. We will then work with specific muscles that need to be strengthened to rebalance the pelvis.

Shoulder Pain Program Benefits

Pain in the neck, shoulder and arm area …are a pain in the neck! Metaphorically and in reality! Frozen shoulder, bursitis, tendinitis, tennis and golfers elbow can cause mild discomfort or extreme pain and can inhibit simple actions like getting dressed or doing your hair.

At Waverley Pilates we work to stabilise the shoulder girdle, in line with latest research. The benefits you’ll experience are significant pain reduction with the goal to regain full range of movement in your arm and shoulder, over-head arm movement, doing up bra strap, lifting groceries and children and sports activities.

Knee Injury Program Benefits

Knees take a fair beating over the course of a lifetime. Weight gain, poor knee alignment and many sports activities such as netball, jogging, weightlifting, footy and squash can contribute to wear and tear on the joint. Knee symptoms can make it hard to get up from the ground, kneeling, managing stairs, sports activities of all kinds, jogging, running, walking.

The muscles associated with the knees are strengthened by working on the Reformer.Its such a great tool for this work and allows graduated load and strength building. We will require a thorough assessment of your knee condition and work with you to stabilise knee movement in all directions, allowing resumption of sports and other activities.



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